How to freeze clam chowder and keep it fresh

freezer full of food, how to freeze clam chowder described below!

Learning how to freeze clam chowder just right is super easy!


I love going to The Chowder Bucket and getting a nice fresh batch of New England clam chowder so I can have it all week long! (That is, if I didn’t get drenched in it on the bus time to time because I was too excited to go home and get back to streaming games that I had to eat it in transit first.) Sometimes they also make special limited-edition chowders that I just want to buy more of and have for the future. So if you’re like me and can’t get enough of that chowder-y goodness, here’s how to freeze clam chowder so it’s always ready when you need it! It’s not as simple as just finding some containers and pouring it in: there’s something of a process to this, especially for New England clam chowder which needs a little more TLC than Manhattan and corn chowders.

Clam chowder lasts about 3-4 days in the fridge (maybe 20 minutes on the bus.)


If you just whipped up a bucket full of homemade clam chowder, freeze it within 2 hours to lock in maximum freshness. Otherwise, you might be contending with some pretty gross soup in the future! It’s also a good idea to not let it sit out for more than 2 hours after cooking, or else it can be a hotbed for bacteria and a trip to the emergency room doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend the weekend. You could be catching up on games or enjoying a lovely walk in Riverside Park, that’s why I prefer to just go straight to The Chowder Bucket to enjoy it there whenever possible so I don’t have this problem. (Or if I did, there’d be a sweet class action lawsuit!)

To extend your clam chowder’s life once you’ve decided to freeze it, use some air-tight containers like Sistema Klip-Its (these containers are really sturdy and SUPER tight to the point they can practically hermetically seal food, and they even make some specially designed for soup!) or heavy-duty freezer bags. Clam chowder will last 4-6 months in its frozen state though admittedly, it doesn’t last long around me.


But if you’ve bought or made a huge batch and decide to reheat frozen chowder in the future, it might get curdled and resemble things I dropped in my neckbeard. Make sure you stir it really well while reheating then pop it back in the microwave!


Freezing clam chowder isn’t that hard with the right containers, but of course I prefer to just chug it on the M5 bus like it’s Gatorade!